Khaani Episode 12: Mir Hadi, The Man We Hate to Love!


So, Monday was here and we got ourselves some treat with the 12th episode of Khaani. This episode was another roller coaster of emotions and it literally kept us on the edge of our seats for the whole time. The promo of this episode had already made us miserable enough to wait for the whole week and turned out, it was worth waiting for!

So, the episode started with the little birthday celebrations of Khaani’s youngest sister. It felt good for this not-so-happy family having some great time but, like always it was short lived. Their happiness faded as Hadi and Sitara made an unexpected visit out of nowhere, with a “Rishta-Proposal” for Khaani. Yes, that’s right!

We know, from last episode, how Khaani shattered the confidence of Hadi after finding out that he is the one behind the letters and the gifts. She thought that it would stop Hadi from bothering her from now but, obviously she was wrong!

It turns out, Mir Hadi has taken his obsession to a whole new level. He is blinded by his love for Khaani and wants her, no matter what the cost is!

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This particular scene from yesterday’s episode has been dearly loved by the fans. Feroze Khan, Mir Hadi, has once again stunned us with. It’s hard to hate this man but still, we hate that we love him!


Mir Shah clearly was angered by this whole scenario and things got pretty intensed when he raised his hand on Hadi for the first time but, still didn’t quite hit him (We all wished he did!)

Khaani once again has become the hot topic on internet and people are going crazy over this drama!


*Raises Both Hands*

Ali was also a main focus of this episode as he tried to talk some sense into his best friend!


Fan’s Obsession!

Ohh! The Irony!

Spoilers alert!

It’s even harder to wait for the next episode!

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