Khaani Episode 15 Review: Hadi Will Do Anything to Find Khaani!


Another Monday with another episode of Khaani! We just can’t seem to get enough of this thrilling story and by time, we are being more and more involved into it!

So, the 15th episode of Khaani went quite smoothly, with no big happenings but still, there were a lot of things that would matter in the coming episodes!

The episode started with Arham’s family on the dinner table where Rahima’s grandmother is not happy with her tantrums.

Arham is really worried about her daughter’s behavior and talks to her. They both share an emotional moment where Rahima talks about missing her mother!

Mir Shah and Sitara are surprised to see Hadi all ready to attend the party meeting. They both feel proud that their beloved son is finally moving on but Hadi has his own plans!

Hadi still is trying everything to trace Khaani but hasn’t been lucky yet! Ali asks him to involve the police but Hadi is very confident and determined in finding Khaani himself!

Khaani and Arham get to meet again at the office and Khaani makes an apology for the embarrassment in their first meeting. The ice between the two has finally been broken and Arham even drops her back to home, when Khaani is stuck due to heavy rain!

Rahima has already grown fond of Khaani and wants to spend more time with her. Arham has also started to take interest in Khaani and Sir Hamid has the “approval-look” in his eyes!

No matter who she is, a mother is always a mother! We saw Sitara in a helpless situation when she finds that Hadi has not taken his political career seriously and has his own motives but she can’t seem to do anything about it!


This episode might play the “calm before the storm” for the next episodes. We got to see new characters being built and old ones adjusting to their situations. Let’s see how the story will take a twist in the coming episodes!

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