Khaani Episode 16 Review: Hadi’s Obsession For Khaani Has Totally Changed His Personality


So we are  into the 16th episode of Khaani and things have now gone too far from where it all started.

In the last episode, we saw how Khaani has taken a step forward in her life while Hadi is having a hard time finding her and his obsession is too strong to get over her that easily!

The 16th episode of Khaani has taken the things a little more forward from where we left  and it seems like Arham and his whole family cannot help but adore Khaani and she has also gotten pretty close to Rahima.

Sitara is worried seeing Hadi totally helpless and she tries to make him understand to get over Khaani and that obsessing over her is not going to get him anything. We know that it only takes a moment for Hadi to lose his temper and he misbehaves with her!

Khaani asks Arham to meet Rahima when she comes to know about her being sick and Arham and his mother seem happy when they see Khaani handling Rahima’s tantrums with utmost love!

Hadi’s obsession for Khaani has totally changed his personality and he feels frustrated yet helpless! He goes to Sarim’s grave and talks his heart out and prays that Khaani comes back herself before he has to do anything serious!

On the other hand, Arham makes a visit to Khaani’s house when she takes an off from the office and finds out about the Khaani’s father being paralyzed.

So, it’s Hadi’s birthday and he doesn’t want  a big party and he tells his parents that he’ll probably just hang out with his friends. Turns out, Hadi spends his birthday alone remembering Khaani with Mitthal on his side, as always!

This episode ended on a serious note when Khaani talks to Arham about Sarim and how his death has brought  a bitter taste in her personality that no one can understand, to which Arham seemed concerned!

Let’s see how things will move forward in the coming episode!

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