Khaani Episode 17 Review: Mir Hadi’s Obsession Has Destroyed His Inner Peace!


Monday might not be considered as the best day of the week but we sure desperately wait for it to catch up with latest episode of Khaani!

The 17th episode of Khaani started as we see Sitara being helplessly concerned about Hadi’s intense behavior and Mir Shah, on the other hand, is clearly not happy about his obsession.

Khaani’s father is really happy to see Arham again as Rahima couldn’t stay a day without seeing Khaani and they all seem to enjoy each other’s company!

Arham has accepted his feelings for Khaani but he is not sure how to express them. His mother assures him that everything will be fine once he pours his heart out to Khaani!

Well, Arham finds the perfect moment when Khaani is sitting alone in the meeting room. He expresses his feelings for her but Khaani doesn’t take it well and shows her disapproval right away!

Hadi is still helpless in finding Khaani and he takes out his frustration on one of his guard when Ali comes to the rescue.

Ali doesn’t seem to leave Hadi’s side, no matter what happens and even though Ali knows all his faults but still, he tries to talk some sense into Hadi, behaving like a true best friend!

Due to everything Khaani has gone through, she is having a hard time and remains unsettle for what Arham has said. Khaani’s mother asks her to not to over react and give herself sometime to understand the situation.


Hadi’s obsession has destroyed his inner peace and his condition has gotten worse to the point where he’s been prescribed medicines for rest and Sitara, being a mom, is really worried about him!

Still, the only thing Hadi cares about at the moment is Khaani and he asks Sitara to talk to Mir Shah about genuinely finding her!

Even though, the story of Khaani is going through a calm phase from the last couple of weeks but we can’t wait for it to get back into its super thrilling mode.

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