Khaani Episode 18 Review: Khaani Has Accepted Arham’s Proposal While Hadi Stays Helpless!


Khaani is touching new heights of popularity with every new episode and as more and more people are getting involved in this thrilling story, Khaani is set to break all the records!

Mir Hadi stays helpless and his condition is getting worse day by day to the point where he’s been put to bed rest for 15 days. He even gifts his horse, the one he received from his parents as a birthday present, to one of his men with the intention of getting his prayers accepted by Allah.

Though, we always have had a love-hate relationship with Hadi’s character since the beginning of this drama but as the story has progressed, Feroze Khan has now made us to even sympathize with his character with the accurate depiction of helplessness that Hadi is currently possessed with.

Khaani, after a lot of thinking, has finally accepted Arham’s proposal and both the families are extremely happy about it. It was good to see Khaani’s parent feeling genuine happiness after quite a long time and let’s see how long it’s gonna last because we already feel bad for the poor guy, Arham.


Khaani doesn’t want to start her new phase of life based on a lie and she’s wants to tell the real cause behind Sarim’s death to Arham but her parents make her understand its consequences!

Sana Javed was yet again impressive and the way she has hold on to Khaani’s character is worth the appreciation.

Mir Shah and Mir Hadi have a heated argument where Hadi shows his distrust towards his father.  Mehmood Aslam and Feroze Khan share an amazing father-son chemistry and whenever this duo comes on screen, it’s always a treat to watch.


The promo for the next episode has already excited us and it seems like it will be a thriller after so many calm episodes. Watch the promo below!


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