Khaani Episode 19 Review: Hadi Loses His Calm as He Finds Out About Khaani!


Another Monday with another episode of Khaani! It’s been 19 episodes already and still, it feels like we aren’t getting enough of this super intense drama that we crave for every week!

So, things have now accelerated as Ali has somehow got the trace of Khaani’s location and when Hadi finds out, he loses his calm and we know Hadi is extremely excited when he goes like “Mithaalll”!

Yay!! Mithal!! Mithal!!! #mirhadi is soooooo happy #khaani #ferozekhan #sanajaved

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Mir Shah gets furious when he sees his efforts, of keeping Hadi away from Khaani, go in vain and out of anger, he tells Hadi that the doors of his house will be closed for him if he decides to come along with Khaani.


Mehmood Aslam and Feroze Khan always give the best of their performances and their chemistry is too good for making any scene super thrilling and nail biting.

Hadi doesn’t care about anything other than Khaani and being a Mir himself, he challenges his father decision and goes to find Khaani anyway.


Mithal also decides to go with Hadi and this leaves Mir Shah even more angry!

Even though Hadi has changed a lot but still ego and pride is deeply rooted in his personality and after this particular scene, we know he’s totally lost!


Let’s see what role will this lady play in the coming episodes but she sure made a huge impact on Hadi with just one line!

The wedding preparations have already started and Khaani invites her Taya and his family to attend her wedding, who seem to have issues with every other thing about this wedding but later understand after seeing their situation.


Khaani has the reputation to raise so many social issues and even in this episode, they highlighted some petty issues that are given huge consideration when it comes to wedding like inter-caste marriage system, marrying someone who were already married and have children.

The promo for the next episode will take the drama to a whole new level as Hadi and Khaani will finally come face to face that too on her wedding day!

Watch the promo below!


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