Khaani Episode 20 Review: A Much-Needed Thrilling Episode After Ages!


The last couple of episodes of Khaani went on a calm mode but this 20 weeks of emotional journey made us wait for things to get interesting and the latest episode of Khaani proved that it was totally worth the wait!

Khaani and Arham’s wedding preparations are on peak and Hadi’s obsession has taken new heights and he can’t wait to finally meet Khaani.

Khaani is prepared to start a new journey of her life, leaving the sadness of her past aside.

Being his twin sister, Khaani remembers Sarim prior to her big day and for her, there’s no one in the world that can fill up his space!

Finally, the wedding day is here and so, is Mir Hadi! Dressed up as the prettiest bride, Khaani has to wait in her room as there still time left to reach the hall. Things take a turn in the most unexpected way when Hadi, in his Spiderman mode, climbs up the tree directly into Khaani’s room!

The to-be bride is totally startled seeing the worst memory of the past right in front of her and so is Hadi, seeing the love of his life dressed up as a someone else’s bride.

Things escalate quickly and the next thing we see is that Hadi has teleported Khaani to a whole another place to prove that she belongs to him alone!

Khaani is not afraid anymore and she asks Hadi to do whatever he can because he cannot win her heart ever and this leaves a huge impact on Hadi!

The nail biting intensity built by Feroze Khan and Sana Javed is the prove why these two has become our favorite. Both of them have developed such an amazing chemistry throughout this drama and have emerged out as true performers.

Hadi cares enough to leave a note for Khaani’s parents and refers himself as “Apka Damaad” in the end. This new brings a wave of shock amongst all the family members and let’s see how they will handle the situation now!


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