Khaani Episode 21 Review: Feroze Khan Steals the Show Once Again!


With only a few episodes left to wrap up the captivating journey of Khaani, the story has undergone some major twists and turns, leaving us all in a super excited mode!

The last episode of Khaani brought a much-awaited drama in the story when Mir Hadi kidnapped Khaani on her wedding day but Khaani’s words truly touched his soul and we never saw Hadi more affected like this before!

The 21st episode begins as Khaani safely gets back to home just in time before her family is about to call off the wedding. Khaani’s mother doesn’t want to ruin the wedding so she asks Khaani not to tell Arham anything about Hadi but she thinks otherwise.



Sana Javed brings a charm to her character that is sure, a treat to watch and she has beautifully portrayed the “headstrong” impression that makes Khaani’s character one of our favorites.

Arham and Khaani happily start their new journey of life and the newlywed couple makes promises to never leave each other’s side regardless of what lies ahead!

Hadi’s love for Khaani has reached new heights of passion and never in his life before has he felt more pain and helplessness. The arrogant Hadi has finally come to the realization that he’s not the “PERFECT GUY” he thought he was as Khaani threw the reality in his face and this feeling has totally shattered his confidence and ego.

When Hadi gets back home, Mir Shah and Sitara hopelessly try to calm him down but his pain is too deep which doesn’t even stop him to cry his heart out in front of his parents.

Feroze Khan deserves all the appreciation for his phenomenal performance that is too close to the reality and made us feel for him all the way. His love, helplessness and obsession has turned into an unbearable pain that he never thought he would suffer!

Khaani’s followers on twitter can’t stop praising this man who has won the hearts of millions with his awesomeness!


The promo for the next episode looks even more exciting!

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