Khaani Episode 22 Review: The Much-Awaited Episode Finally Got Aired!


Making up for the 3 weeks gap, the much-awaited 22nd episode of Khaani got aired last night. With so much drama, heart-wrenching emotions and nail-biting moments, this episode proved to be a treat for the followers who had been desperately waiting for it since forever!

Last time on Khaani, Mir Hadi realized that he’s not perfect and he can’t get everything he wants. Hadi even left Khaani safely back to her house prior to her wedding and didn’t harm her in any way. On the other hand, Khaani is now happily married to Arham and have moved forward in life!

Khaani remains unsettled for not telling the truth about Hadi to Arham and his family but her mother asks her to just keep it to herself as this is the best thing in everyone’s favor.

Hadi has isolated himself from the rest of the world and is now lost in his own mind. Mithal, being his true friend like always, tries to calm his thoughts and talks things through.

He tells Hadi that his infatuation for Khaani has now turned into pure love and is the reason for his restless condition!

Hadi finds himself back to the mazaar in order to find inner peace. Seeing Hadi like this, Sitara loses her patience and threatens Mir Shah to ruin everyone’s life if anything happens to her beloved son.

Mir Shah tries to calm her down and assures her that he, himself will deal with Khaani once elections are over but till then, Sitara and Hadi must go away on a vacation because he has to deal with politics first!

Mehmood Aslam and Saman Ansari make every heated argument super intense with their phenomenal acting and were truly amazing in this scene!

Hadi’s condition is getting worse and now, he has even started hallucinating stuff. He loses his mind when he thinks there’s blood on his hands and this is the reason why Khaani hates him too.

Feroze Khan gave a stellar performance and his acting is the reason why the audience love him so much. Sana Javed, on the other hand, is becoming stronger with every passing episode and gives her best performance to date in Khaani!

Let’s see if Arham will find out about Khaani’s past or will Hadi finally find peace of mind?

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