Khaani Episode 23 Review: Past Haunts Khaani Again!


With only a few weeks left to wrap up this intriguing tale, the 23rd episode of Khaani aired last night and with a new twist in the story, it will be hard waiting for the next one!

Lost in his own world, Hadi finds himself back in the mazaar and he feels content whenever he’s there. Hadi even cancels the vacation plan and wants to live at the mazaar now, where he thinks he truly belongs!     

We get another glimpse of the girl in the veil and this time, Hadi finds it really peaceful talking to her. Their second encounter turns out to be a very influential one for Hadi and he somewhat gets all the answers that have been eating him for a long time now!

Hadi’s journey from a self-centered person, lost in his own arrogance, to someone who is looking for his true identity has been enthralling. Feroze Khan has done a wonderful job and the amount of effort the young actor has put in his role is worth all the appreciation!

Sitara simply can’t ignore the fact that Khaani has ruined all the happiness in Hadi’s life and in order to take revenge, she tells Iffat the whole truth about Khaani’s past!

From Sarim’s death to what happened on the wedding day, Iffat confronts Khaani with the truth in front of Arham and his grandfather. Khaani, who had always wanted to do the same, tells them everything which leaves Arham in a state of shock!

Sana Javed has emerged out as a true performer and with every new episode, she never fails to impress us with her even more polished acting skills!

Arham doesn’t even talk to Khaani and is carefully analyzing the situation now while Khaani has come back to her house without any hope of receiving an understanding response from Arham’s family!

Let’s see how the story will move forward in the coming episodes!

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