Khaani Episode 24 Review: Arham, Khaani Restore Relationship While Hadi Struggles to Find Peace!


The latest episode of Khaani was quite an intense one as Khaani faced a new situation when her in-laws got to know about her past, just when she was starting to believe in happiness after a long time!

Khaani had always wanted to tell the truth about Sarim’s death but seeing her parents totally helpless, she couldn’t do it herself. Even though she thinks that her relationship with Arham has no future now, she feels satisfied for not hiding anything from anyone, anymore!

Khaani’s family has been unlucky, when it comes to happy moments, throughout the whole story. Not only their short-lived happiness gets ruined but also, they have come face to face with some harsh realities of their past this time.

Her mother even feels guilty for not standing up against Sarim’s murderer just for the sake of their own safety!

Hadi, on the other hand, is still struggling to find inner peace! He meets an old guy at the mazaar and tells him that the purest level of love is where there is no hope of getting anything back in return.

Hadi thinks he has already reached that level and this is the reason he finds comfort living a life like this!

Seeing their beloved son being dragged away from the luxurious life and everything, Sitara and Mir Shah feel helpless to find a solution.

Mir Shah visits Hadi at the mazaar as a common man and tries to talk him through. Hadi tells him to let him live here forever by faking his death and asks him not to interfere in his life again!

Another power-packed performance by the father-son duo; the energy Feroze Khan and Mehmood Aslam bring to our screens is truly phenomenal!

Iffat is unable to put herself in Khaani’s situation and the only solution she can think of is a divorce! She straightforwardly tells Arham that she would leave the house if Khaani comes back there again!

On the other hand, Arham carefully thinks about the whole situation and his love for Khaani is too strong to break off their relationship on the basis of some unfortunate event from her past.

Arham goes to Khaani’s house and they both speak their heart outs and restore their relationship. Sana Javed and Mohammad Mubarak Ali brought so much positivity in this scene and their chemistry was on point!

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