Khaani Episode 7 Review: Mir Hadi’s Obsession is Driving Him Crazy!


So, it was the 7th episode of Khaani and we are already following it religiously. Both, Feroze Khan and Sana Javed, looked phenomenal in this episode and have shown great acting skills.

Since, Mir Hadi has finally accepted the fact that he is falling in love with Khaani, he keeps thinking about her and is going through some personality transformation.


He tells his father that he won’t go out with guns or guards on his side anymore. His father, Mir Shah, worrying about his safety tells him about the complexity of his decision but Hadi remains stubborn on his decision.

Though Khaani is not scared of Hadi, but she is definitely worried.  The way he expresses his love is for Khaani is creepy enough let alone the fact that he has a pretty psychotic nature.

Hadi in his obsession, keeps stalking Khaani wherever she goes.  This one scene from the latest episode of Khaani has been intensely loved by the followers of this show. Hadi blocks Khaani’s way to tell her that he can travel without guards. Upon confrontation, Khaani replies that men who try to scare women are not really men! Epic moment, right?

Watch the video below!

This episode has grabbed many interesting reactions on social media. The fans do not seem to get enough of Hadi and Khaani. Also, they love the fact that Hadi is gradually transforming into a better character.

The promo for the next episode has also left the fans in horror! It seems that Mir Shah tries to murder Khaani in a car accident and Hadi upon knowing that, is going to shoot himself. We’ll keep our fingers crossed till the next monday!

We are now emotionally attached to the story of Khaani and for many, Khaani has turned out to be their new favourite drama, including us!

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