Khaani on Geo TV; Episode 5: Sana Javed Steals Limelight In Powerful Scene


Sana Javed-Feroze Khan starrer Khaani is definitely one of the most watched shows on television these days. It might seems depressing to some but the show brings to us the hardcore realities of life. The powerful performances from the actors have captivated everyone’s attention throughout the country. Everyone’s hooked to their screens on Monday at 8:00 PM because no one can afford to miss Khaani’s latest episode.

Episode 5 featured the consequences of Sarim’s death; what his family is going through and what the Mir’s are dealing with. While the episode depicted how Sarim’s entire family is still unable to cope up with his death, Khaani’s confrontation with Mir Shah was the one that stole the limelight. The scene starts at mark 8:14 and ends at mark 10:31.

Khaani’s father is in the hospital, recovering from a heart attack. When Khaani learns that Mir Shah has paid the entire expense, she goes to confront him.

YouTube Screenshot

Sana’s powerful performance and stellar dialogues keeps the viewers engaged. The way Khaani dealt with Mir Shah, his arrogance and power, shows her strength and bravery. Khaani is not afraid of his power anymore and Sana Javed’s impeccable dailogue delivery did absolute justice to her character.

It seems Mir Hadi is starting to develop an interest in Khaani as he’s now following her around. Let’s see how the story unfolds.

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