Khaani: The Overwhelming Journey of Emotions is Nearing its End!


Nearing its end, the thrilling story of Khaani has finally reached its climax and now, with justice being served for Sarim, will it be easy for Khaani to finally move on with her life? We all can’t wait for a nail-biting end to this story that is sure going to have a huge impact on our social culture!

After that unfortunate that cost Sarim his life, it has never been easy for Khaani to move on with her life and she has always wanted to avenge her twin brother. With Arham on her side now, Khaani has renewed her belief and she has learned to face the society without any fear. Since Mir Hadi has finally confessed his sins and himself pleaded the judge to hang him till death, it will definitely take some time for Khaani but, she can finally live in peace now!

On the other hand, the Mirs are absolutely devastated as they could have never imagined something like this happening to their beloved son. Sitara feels helpless and the promo for the 30th episode doesn’t look quite good for Mir Shah as we can sense a terrible ending of this whole Mir family!


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Over the course of 29 weeks, the evolvement of Mir Hadi’s character, from being an ignorant, arrogant lad to a restless person who finds no joy in worldly affairs, is absolutely remarkable and Feroze Khan has done a brilliant job embracing this role!

Hadi has not only renounced his entitlement as the only son of Mir Shah but also segregated himself from the privileges that come with it. He has confessed his sins and pleaded for the harshest form of punishment for himself: the death penalty!

The fact that its 29th episode has 2.8 million views on YouTube and is trending at number 4, speaks about the love people have for Khaani and how curious they are to find out the possible ending of this story, as only two episodes are left to wrap it up!

The promo for the 30th episode has enticed their emotions even more as we can see Mir Hadi has proposed to meet Khaani as his last wish and this final meeting between the two is going to be the emotional hinge that we all have been for a long time!

It will be really interesting to see their final interaction and get ready to cry your hearts out in the coming episode, as the emotional intensity between Hadi and Khaani will be on its peak, this one last time!

Watch the promo for the 30th episode of Khaani!

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