Khaani’s Unrealistic Plot Twist Leaves the Audience Confused And Angry


Every monday when a new episode of Khaani goes on air, there starts a huge discussion on social media about it. People can’t stop discussing about the story and how they love this drama. Yesterday the 10th episode of Khaani was telecast and this time people are left with confusion and anger!

Mir Hadi, driven crazy by his love and passion for Khaani, hits himself with glass bottles and is taken to the hospital where Khaani works. That’s not all, while Mir Hadi is unconsciously laid on a stretcher, Khaani sees his tattoo and makes a shocking discovery for herself. Hadi is the one who writes her love letters with whom she is falling in love with.

We all know that Mir Hadi is obsessed with Khaani and can go to any level to express his feelings. But we also know that he was the one who killed Khaani’s brother in the first place. Even though we loved how Feroze and Sana make a beautiful couple on-screen but at the same time, we were always rooting for Khaani to not to fall for Mir Hadi. It would be so weird! Right? But, that’s just what happened in the last episode.

Fans of Khaani seem pretty angry and confused by this plot twist. There has been a huge discussion on social media since the episode got out last night.

Some think it is way too weird for Khaani to fall for her brother’s murderer. It is though!

Some are disappointed and think it is not a good idea to turn this drama into a love story!

Some are scared!

It would definitely be creepy and freaky!

We can’t wait for the next episode!

Let’s see how the story will take a turn in the next episode but till then, let’s just keep our finger’s crossed!

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