Khan Drama on Geo TV: OST, Timings, Promo


Khan is Pakistani drama currently airing on Geo TV. The drama features Noman Ijaz in the lead role of Khan, Atiqa Odho as Shabana and Shaista Lodhi as Sarwat.


Khan is the story of a homicidal kingmaker, who has a strong influence over making and demolishing politicians. He lives with his family members in a gigantic villa, apparently as a social worker, loving father and a noble person of society. Khan is out and out a family man, who cares about every relation in his surroundings. He pampers his wife, gives unconditional love to his daughter, and is the caretaker of his sister. Not only this, he always remembers his ex-lover in a sincere manner, but very few of people know the other side of khan’s dark personality.

Khan has opened his eyes in a village living parents, where they served to a feudal family. He used to like a girl called Sarwat, who has similar feelings for Khan. The two lovebirds were emotionally attached to a string of loyalty, adoration, and merriment. Their love seems like an unbreakable bond, but fate has something else in store for them. One day a feudal lord’s son kidnapped Sarwat to abuse her, murdering a person in the process. The feudal lord puts immense pressure on Khan to take that murder on his head and also promises for his bail.

Khan appears in the police station and accepts the crime of murder without knowing he is also accepting rape of his love interest. When Sarwat visits Khan in the police station, she asks for whom he is saving real culprit and spit on his face. This act actually jolts Khan’s ego and a volcano of revenge erupt in his mind. The emerging circumstances take Khan far away from his lover and he gets to know about his real enemies. A resourceful person in jail helps Khan get released from jail, however, Khan must promise to serve the underworld

Once Khan is free from jail, his main mission is to gather unparalleled power, top-secrets of government officials and cut the throats of his opponents. He emerges as a billionaire; a plutocrat and an underworld don who portrays himself as a social activist for the world, but a game changer from the back. He also finds his lover marries with his political rival and the sweet memories from past keep chasing khan in a bitter manner.

Will the misunderstanding between Khan and Sarwat ever be solved? Will life give a fair chance to the blood-thirsty Khan?


The details of the title song have not been announced yet.


Watch Khan drama serial every Sunday on Geo TV – Har Pal Geo at 8:00 PM.


Written by: Syed Atif Ali

Directed by: Ali Faizan Anchan

Cast: Nauman Ijaz, Atiqa Odho, Yamina Peerzada, Fatima Shah, M. Ali Josh, Ali Hashmi, Saba Hameed, Usman Mazhar, Hina Zaidi, Aijaz Aslam, Shaista Lodhi, Waseem Ahmed.

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