Khudgarz 2nd Last Episode Review: Dua has Brought Hope in Hassaan’s Meaningless Life!


The story of selfishness, betrayal and revenge has now taken the color of selfless love and never-ending grief that is soon going to end as the 2nd last episode of Khudgarz aired last night, leaving the followers of this show totally hooked up!

Hassaan has lost everything and he didn’t even get the chance to apologize to Junaid and Ayera, the two people he hurt the most. He is genuinely regretting his every act and desperately wants to make it up for his mistakes.

Dua, the newly born who has already lost her parents, has sparked a ray of hope in Hassaan’s meaningless life. He sees Junaid and Ayera in their little girl and eagerly wants to raise her as his own to satisfy his guilt.

Salma, being his mother realizes Hassaan’s regret, asks Abeer to forgive him and don’t take Dua away from him.

Hassaan apologizes to Abeer and requests her to not to take Dua away from him. He tries to convince her that he has totally changed and he won’t ever let Dua to suffer any trouble.

From Aisi Hai Tanhai to Khudgarz, Sami Khan has given one amazing performance after another and the way he builds the intensity with his expressions and dialogue delivery is a treat to watch!

For Abeer, Ayera was like her sister who was there during her bad times and for what he did to Ayera, Abeer doesn’t want the same risk by letting Dua stay with Hassaan.

Munawar has also realized his mistakes and even though he has been a successful businessman all his life, he now thinks he’s lost everything. Being his father, Munawar realizes the pain Hassaan is going through and has somewhat, forgiven him for his mistakes.

This scene was filled with some brilliant performances by Sami Khan, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Mansha Pasha and Shaheen Khan and let’s see how this story is going to wrap up in the last episode!

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