Khudgarz Bids Farewell With A Heart-Wrenching Message!


The last episode of Khudgarz finally got and this heart-wrenching story has now ended with a great message for all of us!

In the 2nd last episode, we saw Abeer taking Dua with her and Hassaan, who has grown fond of her, is left in despair, again!

Abeer realizes the pain Hassaan is going through when he pays a visit to give all the funds Junaid left for his family. Hassaan apologizes to Abeer and cries his heart out because he knows she is the only one who understands him the most!

Fast forward 10 years, Abeer and Raheel have moved from Karachi and Dua is a school going kid who now, also has a little brother, Danish. Dua cares about her little brother just like Junaid cared about Hassaan and is a true reflection of Ayera and Junaid.

Abeer has kept her promise of not discriminating Dua with her own child and she’s proven to be an amazing mother!

Another brilliant performance by Mansha Pasha and her character has the all the essence of love, emotions, and concern. Also, her character development is worth the appreciation!

Salma is now all alone after Munawar’s death and feels really happy when Dua and Abeer come to stay for 2 days!

Hassaan finally gets to meet Dua and they share a heart-wrenching moment when he finds Dua in Junaid’s room and asks her to forgive him.

Dua hugs her Chachu though she has no idea what he’s talking about!

First in Aisi Hai Tanhai and now in Khudgarz, Sami Khan has given us one power-packed performance after another. He is a true performer and knows how to communicate with the audience through his expressions!

This perfect family drama had so much to offer and not to mention its amazing cast including Sami Khan, Aminah Sheikh, Syed Jibran, Mansha Pasha, Ghulam Mohiuddin and Shaheen Khan, who made the story of Khudgarz closer to the reality!

The director himself, Yasir Nawaz as Omar, played an important role in Hassaan’s character development!

The last episode of Khudgarz has received a very emotional response from the followers of this show!

Khudgarz has ended with a great message for all of us that our self-centered behavior can never give us real happiness and inner satisfaction. Lost in the worldly affairs, you may feel temporarily happy by cheating others, but the guilt that comes with it will haunt you forever!

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