Khudgarz Episode 15-16 Review: Ayera is Finally Home and Hassan is Lost in His Own Complexes!


Just like every week, Khudgarz gave us yet another thrilling episode last night. With all the emotions and drama, Khudgarz episode 15 and 16 was a treat to watch!

The episode started with Inayat confessing his acts in front of Junaid and pleads him to forgive him. He tells Junaid that whatever he did was for money and he has now paid the price.

Junaid and Ayera both were feeling helpless yet reluctant to call each other. Finally, Junaid goes to meet Ayera and the viewers got their most awaited moment. Junaid assures her that no matter what the world says, he will always remain by her side and won’t leave her alone ever.

Salma has finally stepped up from her not-speaking mode and confronts Munawar with the reality.

Munawar, lost in his arrogance, shuts her down as always. Although he is aware of Hassan’s faults, he doesn’t want anyone to point finger at him!

On the other hand, Abeer is truly worried about Ayera’s health condition and she tries to talk to her. Salma makes a visit and takes Ayera back home.

When Salma, Abeer and Ayera return, Munawar stops them right away. Salma proved to be the real MVP in this scene as she throws the reality on the faces of Munawar and Hassan.

Abeer and Hassan also got face to face and it was much needed … Mansha Pasha and Sami Khan made this scene exceptional!

Hassan lost in his own complexes and obsession, decides to leave the house and even throws the keys of his car away.

Hassan met this guy, as the director himself Yasir Nawaz makes an appearance, and asks for a place to rent. Things escalate quickly and Hassan decides to stay with him for a while till he finds another place.

Yet again, the amazing cast of Khudgarz has thrilled us with their brilliance. Sami Khan, Syed Jibran, Aminah Sheikh and Masha Pasha, all did a fantastic job. Let’s see what the new episode will bring us next week!

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