Khudgarz Episode 17 Review: Munawar Blames Everyone for Hassan’s Decision!


With the perfect blend of drama, reality and emotions, the 17th episode of Khudgarz got aired last night and like always, it was a treat to watch!

From the last episode we know that Hassan, lost in his own complexes, leaves the house when he couldn’t accept his mistakes and blames it all on others. Munawar is really worried about his son’s absence and he has got everyone busy in finding Hassan.

Junaid is also trying to find Hassan regardless of what he did to him and Ayera. But, Munawar has no respect for the other’s feelings and perspective so he refuses to acquire his help!

Hassan finds out that his father is trying everything to trace him and there’s even a reward for anyone who brings Hassan back or have information about him and he decides to stay out of public notice for a while.

There was an intense father-daughter moment when Amir makes a visit and asks Ayera to come back with him and he even apologizes for not being there when she needed him the most. Ayera ahs already seen enough and is not ready to leave Junaid’s side now so she refuses!

For all the things Junaid has done for this company, he is totally heart -broken when he finds out about his termination. Seeing all his hard work go in vain because of the things he is not even responsible for, brings tears to his eyes!

Abeer is heart broken when she finds out that her mother no longer lives with her stepdad. Her mother kept the truth hidden because she didn’t want Abeer to face anymore issues.

Junaid, recognized for his work and talent, is called for a final interview for a new job and that’s when Munawar plays his power card and ruins it all for him!

The episode ended on a major cliffhanger when Muanwar is called by the police to identify a dead body as a lead on Hassan’s case.

All we could see in the last scene were Munawar’s confused yet shocked expressions and now we have to wait for a whole week to find out the truth!

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