Khudgarz Episode 18 Review: Hassaan is Going Through a Transformation Phase!


Last episode of Khudgarz ended on a cliffhanger when Munawar is called by the police to recognize a dead body as a lead on Hassaan’s disappearance!

The 18th episode started with the continuation from the last scene and it turns out the dead body is of someone’s else. Though Hassaan is still missing, but it relieved Munawar a bit that his son is still alive!

Even though Munawar is feeling helpless and frustrated by going through this phase alone but his ego has kept him isolated from others and he gives Junaid and Ayera a deadline of a week to leave the house.

Junaid has always been sincere towards Munawar for whatever he has done for him and this leaves him in an emotional state and he now wants to leave the house as early as possible.

Salma also decides to go with them but later steps back from her decision when sees Munawar crying alone while remembering Hassaan.

On the other hand, Hassaan thinks that the police in his area is looking for him so he hides in the mosque where Omar prays and they sit there for a while.

So, in this episode, we also got to know about Omar’s story when he talks to Hassaan about how he lost his wife and son in a car accident.

Hassaan visits the orphanage and is touched by the story of a little girl who got abused by her own uncle and is left there to survive. This is when we see him feeling someone else’s pain and he is now going through a phase of recognition and personal transformation.

Junaid decides to leave the house immediately after knowing that Munawar didn’t help a pregnant Ayera when she slipped. He confronts him during a meeting and Junaid and Ayera decide to live at Abeer’s till they find their own place.

Let’s see how Junaid and Ayera will cope up with the difficulties that await them in the future and how Hasaan will handle the psychological effects of his own doing!

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