Khudgarz Episode 19 Review: Hassaan is Now Dealing With The Sense of Guilt!


Khudgarz is one of those dramas that we can relate with the reality, including the ups and downs of life and the consequences of our actions that we may have to suffer afterwards!

In the last episode we saw how Munawar has turned his heart cold towards Ayera and Junaid and they have no option left but to stay at Abeer’s place till they find one for their own.

Junaid is going through a tough time due to his new job and finding a house but he doesn’t want Ayera to get worried about these issues. Raheel assures him that they both can stay as long as they need to and this is nothing in front of what Ayera did for them back then!

Hammad asks Hassaan to take presents with him back to the orphanage as it’s his son’s birthday. Surprisingly, Hassaan agrees to it and he himself distributes presents among the children.

So this accountant guy from the office spots Hassaan in the market and informs Munawar immediately but later loses his track.

Munawar comes across Hammad and asks him if he knows about Hassaan but doesn’t get a positive response!

Hammad talks to Hassaan that it’s okay to feel what he is going through right now and he must not stop himself from crying as it can lighten up his heart.

Abeer throws a baby shower for Ayera and Salma is also there to greet her. Junaid and Ayera finally get to share a happy moment together!


Hassaan goes back to the orphanage and plays with the children when he again sees that little girl, Neha, who gets scared of him.

Hassaan talks to her and tries to calm her down but Neha has gone through much to trust anyone now and this leaves Hassaan to think about other’s feelings.

Hassaan is now dealing with his sense of guilt and we see him crying while offering prayer. This is the moment that he’s finally realized his mistakes and let’s hope his repercussion doesn’t go in vain in the coming episodes!

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