Khudgarz Episode 20 Review: Junaid’s Death Leaves a Huge Impact on Everyone’s Life!


The 20th of Khudgarz brought a big twist to the story and just when we thought Ayera and Junaid will finally be happy after everything they had gone through, they left us all in a shock with Junaid’s death, that seems to have left a huge impact on everyone’s life!

Junaid receives a call from Salma about Ayera been taken to the hospital in emergency and he gets worried about her. Pre-occupied with so many thoughts, Junaid’s condition gets worse yet he still tries to reach the hospital but unfortunately, he dies on the spot due to a heart attack. 

Just when Ayera found a reason to be happy, things yet again fell apart in her life and she’s left in a state of shock after finding out about Junaid’s death.

Junaid’s caring nature and unconditional love for his family made us adore him but it was so heartbreaking that he couldn’t even live to see his daughter’s face.

Syed Jibran brilliantly played Junaid’s role and in this world of selfishness, his selfless character left a huge impact on everyone. Syed Jibran and Aminah Sheikh shared an amazing on-screen chemistry that will be missed in the coming episodes!

On the other hand, Hassaan has finally made his decision of going back home but he fears that no one is going to trust him anymore!

He talks to Hammad about how his nature reminds him of Junaids and how badly he misses him. Hassaan is shaken after finding about Junaid’s death and this turn can become an important aspect for his character’s development in the future.

Sami Khan was outstanding yet again and he knows how to perfectly depict the shift of emotions Hassaan is going through in this phase!

Munawar loses his persistence and cries his heart out in front of Salma. He’s pretty much shaken by Junaid’s death and this is the first time we saw him crying.

Junaid’s death has left a huge impact on everyone’s life and let’s see how this will be used in developing the storyline in the coming episodes!

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