Khudgarz Episode 21 Review: Junaid’s Death Leaves Everyone Traumatized


Episode 21 of Khudgarz brought a major twist in the story when Junaid suffers from a cardiac arrest and dies on the spot the same day his daughter is born. This leaves everyone in a state of shock and they are now having a hard time accepting the reality.

Sometimes we take people, who truly love us, for granted and when they are really gone we understand their worth but then, it’s too late!

Munawar is facing a similar situation and even though, he had always loved Junaid but due to some misunderstanding created by Hassaan, he didn’t even bother to listen to him before his death!

Ghulam Mohiuddin has brilliantly depicted the shift in Munawar’s character from being arrogant to totally helpless when he realizes he has lost everything. He made us feel what a father goes through when one of his sons dies and the other goes missing and he can’t do anything but grieve!

Mansha Pasha playing Abeer’s role is one of the best things about this drama and her concern for Ayera makes her character even more admirable. She is truly worried about Ayera’s health and decides not to leave her side!


Ayera has gone through so much already and this news has made her condition even worse and she helplessly cry when sees Junaid for the last time.

Aminah Sheikh brings reality to Ayera’s character and the emotional trauma she’s going through hence, one of the best actresses for a reason!

Rabbea visits to see Junaid for one last time and a rush of emotions takes her down the memory lane.

Hassaan doesn’t even have the courage to face his family and see Junaid for the one last time. At one point in his life, he wanted everything to go according to his will and now, he blames himself for making everyone’s life miserable.

Sami Khan has really well played this drastic change in Hassaan’s personality influenced by his own actions and their consequences!

Let’s see how these characters will evolve from the state of grief in the next episode!


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