Khudgarz Episode 22 Review: Everything Has Fallen Apart!


The story of Khudgarz has taken more turns in the past few episodes than during the whole drama throughout and now it just seems like everything has fallen apart!

Junaid’s death proved to be a turning point for many characters and leading the story forward but just when everyone was starting to recover from the grief, the story of Khudgarz has undergone yet another twist!

Munawar is still in the grieving phase and he is having a hard time coming out of his guilt. He doesn’t even have the courage to face Ayera or to hold his newly born granddaughter.

Hassaan visits Junaid’s grave along with Omer and loses control on his emotions. He has remained reluctant to go back till now, but it seems like he has put himself together to face the reality now!

Ayera has gone through so much and Junaid’s death has made her condition even worse but somehow, she keeps herself strong to take care of her newly born daughter, who has named Dua.

She thinks about Junaid and all the good times these two had and sadly, their love was too strong to keep them apart for too long and Ayera is found dead in her sleep the next day!

Aminah Sheikh has magnificently played Ayera’s role and during the whole time, she made us feel things Ayera had to face closer to reality.


Abeer and Raheel are eager to adopt Dua in order to repay Ayera but Munawar doesn’t want to lose any more of his family members. Salma made him realize that he’s taken too long to accept the truth and doesn’t deserve this right!

Hassaan is back with a huge sense of guilt and is really embarrassed. He gets even more shocked to find out about Ayera’s death.


This episode was yet again filled with some brilliant performances by Ghulam Mohiuddin, Sami Khan, Mansha Pasha, Aminah Sheikh and Shaheen Khan. This story of betrayal, jealousy and selfishness has turned into a tragic one that makes us cry our hearts out!

Let’s see how Hassaan will cope with this situation because the promo for the next episode looks pretty interesting!

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