Khudgarz on ARY Digital: The Start Was A Treat To Watch!


So, we got the first glimpse of the new drama serial “Khudgarz” last night on ARY Digital. Written by Rida Bilal and directed by Yasir Nawaz, the first episode was good enough to grab our full attention.

We got to see some of our favourite stars back in action including, Sami Khan as Hassan, Aamina Sheikh as Ayera, Mansha Pasha as Abeer and Syed Jibran as Junaid.

Ayera, a simple, educated girl and a psychologist by profession, is getting married to Hassan in an arranged marriage. Hassan is pretty much spoiled and self-centered and does not have respect for any one.

*Plot twist* Hassan has already married Abeer secretly. Since, Hassan takes everything for granted, he does not want the truth to be out. Abeer, on the other hand, wants to be declared as Hassan’s wife as her true identity.

The story takes a turn when Hassan doesn’t show up on his wedding day. Just like every fairy tale needs an old-fashioned villain, we found our very own selfless hero in this situation! Junaid, Hassan’s cousin, who’s been raised by Hassan’s father after the death of his own, now has to pay his debts by marrying Ayera in order to keep the family dignity intact!

This leaves Ayera in a shock and she doesn’t seem to cope up with the whole situation. Hassan is not happy about it as well and feels jealous. It will be interesting to see how Hassan’s rage is going to cause problems for Ayera in the future.

The first two episodes of Khudgarz give us a taste of love, jealousy, selfishness and betrayal and the drama was a treat to watch! Let’s see how these characters will handle the effects of this whole situation in the next episode.

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