Khudgharz on ARY Digital: A Gritting Tale of Jealousy and Romance


This week’s episode of Khudgharz starts with Hassan taking full advantage of his adopted brother (Junaid)’s absence and tries to get Ayera’s attention. First, he lies to her about Inayat (the home servant)’s day off and picks her up from her clinic instead.

When they get back home Ayera finds out from Junaid’s mother about Inayat being home all this time. Ayera doesn’t say anything and goes back to her room all confused.

Meanwhile, Munawwar (Hassan and Junaid’s father) talks to Hassan about moving on and how Junaid has made a life for himself. This ticks Hassan off even more.

The drama, however, tries to make up for Hassan’s behavior by shading a light on his past injury and that his father’s carelessness was how he turned this way.

Meanwhile, Hassan continues his evil plot to separate the couple and proceeds to make his move on Ayera multiple times, even in front of his family.

Here too! Unfortunately, Ayera heeds to none of his calls and gives him the cold shoulder.

To make his efforts more futile, Ayera finds out that she’s pregnant with Junaid’s child and her mother-in-law congratulates her with hugs.

Of course, this means that this is the end of Hassan’s evil schemes as the couple is about to have a baby. However, this twists his personality even more and he decides to not let things go their way.

His best way to deal with the issue by putting false blames on Ayera in front of his parents, claiming that she has been “giving him false hopes”. He even uses Inayat to state incorrect facts. Poor Inayat!
Ayera happens to hear the conversation and immediately runs to her defense by highlighting Sara’s truth to his father. Much to her dismay, Munawar blindly supports his son and kicks Ayera out of his home.
Ayera storms out of her in-law’s home and drives to her home where she discovers that her father sold their home after getting married in America.
Ayera returns to her clinic with nowhere else to go and begins to weep at her fate.

Let’s see how the story unfolds but one thing is for certain. Sami Khan has outdone himself as an actor and comes out as even more menacing than his character in Rasm-e-Duniya!

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