Khudgharz on ARY Digital: The Power Packed Trailer Leaves Us Craving For More


Yasir Nawaz is returning to TV direction after Mehrunisa V Lub U with his powerful drama  Khudgharz on ARY Digital.  Starring Sami Khan, Amina Sheikh, Mansha Pasha and Syed Jibran in lead roles, Khudgarz is full of power packed performances.

Khudgharz’s intriguing trailer which is full of passion, romance, revenge and remorse, leaves the audience craving for more.

Featuring Sami Khan and Syed Jibran  in parallel roles as brothers, Khudgharz revolves around them and how their decisions change their lives and relationships.

Sami Khan who plays the younger brother, is all set to marry Amina Sheikh, but due to unfortunate circumstances she gets married to the older one. With Khudhgarz, Amina Sheikh is also making a comeback after sometime. Ghulam Moiudding plays the father, who is closer to his elder son.

The cast and crew of Khudgarz have been sharing promotional videos of the show on various social media platforms.

Here’s another one.

Produced by Sana Shahnawaz, Khudgharz goes on air from 19th of December. Make sure you watch Khudhgarz every Tuesday from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.