Khudgharz On ARY Digital: Brilliant Acting, Excellent Writing!


The situation goes for the worst in the latest episode of Khudgharz. At the end of the previous episode, we saw that helpless Ayera goes back to her clinic and weeps at her fate.

The latest episode starts with Inayaat cleaning the servant quarter when suddenly he finds an expensive jewelry set. Baffled by what he has in his hands, Hassan comes to him and threatens him again to not spill the beans to his family or he will make sure the poor man doesn’t find a job anywhere.

Sami Khan nails his negative character in this episode as he literally corners and destroys hopes for everyone, including Ayera.

Meanwhile, Abeer finds Ayera on the floor of the clinic and turns out she has swallowed sleeping pills. Curse you, Hassan!
Junaid comes home from his business trip and finds his mother sitting in the hall. He later finds out from his adopted father that his beloved wife has been kicked out of home for a false claim. Junaid tries to defend her but gets told that his only place at home is that of a kid on the street.
He also finds Ayera’s pregnancy report and both of them start to feel powerless in the situation. Meanwhile, poor Inayaat strives to win the best husband award and honestly, we love him.

Junaid also strives in the competition as he tries to rebel against his father multiple times. Later Hassan reminds Inayaat once again that he will lose everything if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut.
All his efforts are swept away in vain as his newborn dies even before being born. That’s where he curses the money he got and cries for his actions.

In the episode, Sami Khan displays his acting prowess and scares all including the audience by going to Ayera’s hospital room, presenting her flowers and threatening her with his eyes. Abeer finds out his intentions when she accidentally answers his phone call where he delivers the punchline ‘Sukoon Se Mar Chuki Ho Ya Sisak Sisak Kar Ji Rahi Ho’. 

Kudos to the writer Rida Bilal and director Yasir Nawaz for bringing the best out of the actors. Ghulam Mohiuddin as the father, Sami and Jibran as the sons and Amina Sheikh and Mansha Pasha as their spouses (Mansha’s character is the ex-spouse) display incredible acting skills, leaving us full of emotions.

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