Know Thy Kingsman


The Top British Spy Network is back in business with Kingsman – The Golden Circle where the fate of the entire world depends on them. On one hand, their network is compromised while on the other, they have moved to the United States to use the resources of their cousins The Statesman. Do they manage to succeed in this mission or do failure follows them to the States? Watch the film to know more; however, we can help you ‘Know Thy Kingsman’ right now. Happy reading.

Sajal Ali Leaves Space For New Talents

Gary “Eggsy” Unwin / Galahad – Played by Taron Egerton

Harry recruited Gary Unwin (Taron Egerton), aka “Eggsy”, because he had the IQ and skills required by a Kingsman; after Valentine shoots Harry in the first installment, Gary becomes the main agent, taking Harry’s codename Galahad as well. In this installment, he teams up with Merlin to save the world from the evil Poppy. Like the first part, he battles against Charlie in the first act and saves the world in the final one with the help of his newly discovered American cousins.

Harry Hart / Galahad – Played by Colin Firth

Harry Hart, the first Galahad was shot in the first installment, however; he returns thanks to some hocus pocus by the Statesman that has to be looked to be believed. At first, he doesn’t have any memory of being a Kingsman but after he regains his memory, he proves to be an asset but with ‘colourful’ side effects. He continues to play a mentor to Eggsy, and was the first one to suspect a mole among the Statesman.

Merlin – Played by Mark Strong

Just like Eggsy, Merlin is the only person who survived the assassination attempt at the start of the second installment; as head of recruit training who knows the protocols, he is the one who finds out that when all is lost, follow the trail set by the elders. It was due to his efforts that the Kingsman managed to know all about Poppy’s lair in Cambodia; the original Kingsman from the first flick team up for the first time to take Poppy down and succeed in saving the world but not before losing one from the team.

Tequila – Played by Channing Tatum

Tequila is a Statesman from the heart but unlike his European cousins he is a little ‘American’; he doesn’t have much to do in the film since he is the one who gets infected with Poppy’s virus and spends most of his time in the cryogenic chamber. However, by the end of the film, he has transformed himself into a Kingsman agent and one hopes to see him in the future installments.

Champagne – Played by Jeff Bridges

His name is Champagne but since he is the leader of the Statesman, everyone calls him “Champ”. He helps his European cousins after they visit America for support and after their successful mission, he purchases the Scottish distillery to reestablish Kingsman in the United Kingdom.

Whiskey – Played by Pedro Pascal

Whiskey may not look like a spy but the wild cowboy has a lasso that can cut a man into two, plus he shoots guns like crazy. He is the one who steps in after people make fun of Galahad Sr.; his ‘Manners Maketh Man’ routine is followed by an action sequence that can be termed as one of the best of 2017!

Ginger Ale – Played Halle Berry

She may be the only African American member of the team but Ginger Ale aspires to become a field agent; after one of their very own turns against the Statesman, she moves from tech support to field support. She gets to learn the tricks of the trade from Merlin who teaches her to become the best in the business.

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