Kubra Khan Declares Stance on Hania Aamir’s Controversy!


Hania Aamir has recently been accused of behaving rudely with her fans during a promotional event of her upcoming movie Parwaaz Hai Junoon!

The controversy arose during a meetup of Parwaaz Hai Junoon’s cast with some bloggers in Lahore. The trend of #boycotthaniaamir can be seen on social media as one of the bloggers posted how rude and arrogant Hania was to them and the hotel staff during the interview!

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Other bloggers also came up to support his allegations as this is not the first time that Hania has found herself in trouble due to her impolite behavior.

Kubra Khan, Hania’s co-star in Parwaaz Hai Junoon, took to her Instagram and declared her stance over this controversy!


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Kubra supported Hania saying there are always two sides to the story and just because she wanted some privacy, she shouldn’t be targeted with all these rash reactions!

Not many days ago, Hania Aamir took to Twitter and talked about the sexual harassment actresses face by some of their male followers which leads them to behave in a certain manner!

Hania added,

Hania and Kubra are both starring in PHJ alongside Ahad Raza Mir, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Shaz Khan!

Coming to see you today!✨💕 #parwaazhaijunoon

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Since the release of Parwaaz Hai Junoon is just around the corner with two other big names Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 and Load Wedding, let’s see how this controversy is going to affect the turn out for PHJ!

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