Kylie-Tyga Break Up: Rapper Explains Real Reason Behind the Split


Keeping up with the Kardashian’s star, Kylie Jenner and her rapper boyfriend Tyga broke up days before the Met Gala and the internet went into a meltdown over the a gazillion reasons for the break-up. From Rob-Blac Chyna baby news to cheating, the Kardashian fans put out many theories but the actual reasons is pretty mature and just.

In Tyga’s own words, “Um. Uh, I think, you know, we’re both just focusing on our lives, our individual lives right now, you know? Sometimes things don’t work out.

The love-birds broke up at least two times prior but the pair got back together and was found in each other’s arms. Essentially Kyga became the couple that cried wolf. We stopped paying attention to the former couple’s relentless breakup rumours until a new round of gossip began.

Wait, No! Doesn’t it all make sense now of why Kris Jenner won’t praise Tyga on Mother’s day? 

I love you so much Kanye, Scott and Lamar!! To my son Lammy, I am so thankful for your strength through adversity and your sweet gentle spirit. I am blessed beyond words to have all of you in my life. Thank you Kanye and Scott for being such incredible, loving and devoted fathers to my grandbabies. I can't put into words how blessed I am to have you both!! I promise to always be here for you, and love you like my own. Thank you Scott for bringing so much laughter to my life. You're crazy and wonderful and unique to the core. Kanye, thank you for being you!! You are an amazing friend and son, and the best daddy to North and Saint!! You inspire us all. Wow… feeling blessed and grateful today. ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ #mothersday #grateful #blessed #family

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Someone really close to Kylie confirmed “Kylie and Tyga are done. The back and forth breakups have happened so many times, but this time is for real”

Both of them didn’t make any public appearances or were seen on each other’s social media pages. Last time Kylie updated a picture with her ex-boyfriend was three weeks ago.

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Other source reveals: “They’ve broken up over lying, growing apart, family drama, etcetera,”

“This breakup is purely over the fact that they have outgrown each other and realized they weren’t meant to be. At the end of the day, the relationship ran its course.”

The break-up certainly didn’t stop either one from their partying or social media. The 18-year-old reality star has been sharing racy pictures on her Instagram telling Tyga what he is missing out!

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Stay tuned to find out what’s up with the Kardashian clan!