Lahore Nach Da: Chain Aye Na’s New Song Will Take Away Your “Chain”

chain aye na

Recently we witnessed the possible death of Pakistan’s film industry with the release of Syed Noor’s Chain Aye Na trailer.

Just when we thought it cannot get any worse, the latest song from the film Lahore Nach Da surfaced on the internet. We haven’t come across a 90’s themed cheap Lollywood song video in 2017 but Pakistani director, Syed Noor’s Lahore Nach Da is just that.

Not only does it make one cringe but also question what, in this day and age, could have served as an inspiration to the direction of this video.

The very first few notes of the song shatter all expectations, if any, that one could have had from it. Needless to say, the video seems to lack every element of the filmmaking craft. From the cheap 90’s set to the dance, everything in Lahore Nach Da seems wrong.

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To begin with, it seems like some people on set were very passionate about looking directly at the camera and Syed Noor did not mind adding those shots into the video.

This aunty, for example, clearly got it all wrong. Does she even want to be here?

She definitely does. Not sure if she knew that the camera was rolling though.

Either way she quickly looked away and it’s OK, nobody noticed her mistake.

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But really, she wasn’t the highlight of the video.

This man, on the other hand was definitely someone we all noticed, not just because of his awesome dance moves.

But also because he took over Sarish Khan’s limelight. No, literally, see if you can spot her behind him.

Not to mention he was almost everywhere even where he was not relevant. Just like one of those friends we all have, who photo-bomb every picture.

The ladies in the video were definitely gorgeous. Not sure if flashing their solo shots so often was necessary – and then doubling them, literally.

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Here look at this double shot of the pretty bride. But don’t wonder too much about why her face did not fully fit onto the screen.

In the end, we are left with this one man, passing judgy looks at everyone – because maybe he’s the only one who regrets what he got himself into.

Watch the complete video here:

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