Saba Qamar Steals the Show as Baaghi Ends After Making the Audience Emotional


One of the finest dramas that recently appeared on our television screens ended last night. Baaghi was not only Fauzia Batool/Qandeel Baloch’s biopic but it also highlighted the dilemmas of our society, the struggles of a woman who’s the bread earner of her family, what she has to go through, and how she needs to deal with the society.

Saba Qamar’s phenomenal acting in the last episode of Baaghi took us on an emotional rollercoaster, we couldn’t help but cry. And it wasn’t just Saba, each and every actor delivered their best.

The way the makers of Baaghi managed to capture the entire ordeal that came as a shock for the entire nation is commendable. Irfan Khoosat and Saba Faisal’s acting in last night’s episode chills you to the bone!

One questions how a girl’s decision of getting settled in life can become a question for the family members when they totally depend on her for the finances. Qandeel portrayed as Kanwal in the show did everything she could in order to provide for her family and in return, it’s still hard for them to be happy for her because she finally decides to get married to the love of her life.


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Kanwal’s brother was dealing with all the questions and taunts everyone threw at him as long as she was supporting the family but the day she announced, she will not be working anymore, he decides to kill her and that too in the name of honor.

Saba’s heart-wrenching voiceover at the end of the show leaves you shattered.

Fake honor and respect lead to several cold-hearted murders in our society.

Do we actually give a chance to someone to become better?

People questioned why the makers were doing a biopic on Qandeel Baloch. They were severely criticized, the actors were threatened, but kudos to th entire team of Baaghi that made sure no matter what happens, they will convey the story of Qandeel to the audience. And to be honest, they nailed it with excellent direction, brilliant script and phenomenal performance by the actors.

Now here comes the scene that made me fell in love with Osman's acting all over again 👍 Once again, he proved that he don't need dialogues to make you feel the pain of the character 💔 My heart broke when he placed those flowers on her grave 😭 with tears falling from his eyes. This was one of the most powerful scenes I have ever seen. And Osman NAILED IT. I repeat he NAILED IT. He was one person who was lonely, than he got happiness in form of Kanwal and right at the moment, that happiness was snatched away. I'll say it again he did complete justice to Shehryar's character. Not to forget, the lines played in the end..depicted the reality of this society we live in. "Kill the deed, not the humans…!" #OsmanKhalidButt #Shehryar #Baaghi #BaaghiDrama

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Baaghi leaves you questioning yourself and the entire society and how negativity can lead to such horrible outcome.

The last one minute of the show makes you wonder that someone was brutally killed by her own brother for nothing.

Take a look.

Here’s Osman Khalid Butt’s reaction to the voice over who played Kanwal’s love interest in the show.

Baaghi was one of the best dramas ever! The outstanding acting by the actors is a slap on everyone’s face who criticized the actors for being a part of the show.

Let’s hope a drama as controversial as Baaghi made its point and no more Qandeels will lose their lives, at least, not in the name of honor!

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