Living Legend Nadeem Turns 76!


Pakistan’s film industry remains indebted to the living legend Nadeem who is all set to complete his 50 years in cinema with Syed Noor’s Chain Aaye Na. The veteran has given countless hits and formed a romantic pair with Shabnam (50 films together) that is all set to be revived soon in Aaina 2 sometimes next year.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and shed some light on the marvelous career of the veteran actor and his transformation from Mirza Nazeer Baig to the one and only, Filmstar Nadeem.

Kahan Ho Tumko Dhoond Rahi Hain (Nadeem/Firdausi Begum – Robin Ghosh – Chakori – 1967)

Nadeem sang the first ever song to be filmed on him since he wanted to be playback singer, not an actor!

Teri Yaad Aagayi (Masood Rana – Karim Shahabuddin – Chand Aur Chandni – 1968)

Masood Rana did playback singing for Nadeem alongside his contemporaries in the last years of Black and White cinema

Kaash Koi Mujhko Samjhata (Ahmed Rushdi – A. Hameed – Behen Bhai – 1968)

Ahmed Rushdi makes his presence felt in Nadeem’s career by churning out hits after hits

Pyar Ban Jaoonga (Ahmed Rushdi/Runa Laila – M. Ashraf – Nazneen – 1969)

Possibly the earliest hit track featuring Nadeem and Shabnam (they had done a film before this one) and the start of their life-long association that has lasted nearly 50 years

Main Tera Shehr Chor Jaunga (Mujeeb Alam – Nisar Bazmi – Shama Aur Parwana – 1970)

Mujeeb Alam did bulk of singing in this film and this song topped it all; was even copied in Bollywood

Aashian Jal Gaya (Habib Wali Mohammad – Sohail Rana – Baazi – 1970)

Habib Wali Mohammad rose to prominence with this song although it was to be toppled by another of his classics

Bhola Bhola Mera Naam (Ahmed Rushdi – Lal Mohammad Iqbal – Nadaan – 1973)

In the Pakistani version of Dilip Kumar’s Gopi, Nadeem was excellent as a simple villager who knew how to get the job done

Aaj Janay Ki Zid Na Karo (Habib Wali Mohammad – Sohail Rana – Badal Aur Bijli – 1973)

The song that tops the list of any Nadeem Geetmala and is still popular after 4 decades

Chalo Kahin Door (Mehdi Hasan/Mala – A. Hameed – Samaaj – 1974)

Nadeem played the anti-hero in this film and his expressions say it all!

Yunhi Din Kutt Jaye (A. Nayyar/Rubina Badar – A. Hameed – Bahisht – 1974)

This was A. Nayyar’s first film song and he went onto form a bond with his favourite collaborator that last for 20 years

Tere Bheegay Badan (Mehdi Hasan – Robin Ghosh – Sharafat – 1974)

The Mehdi Hasan-Robin Ghosh combo gave this classic which is still relevant and popular

Na Koi Gila Hai Mujhko (Mehdi Hasan – M. Ashraf – Zanjeer – 1975)

This song has been copied in India but they couldn’t recreate the emotions this song deserves

Kabhi Main Sochta Hoon (Mehdi Hasan – Robin Ghosh – Aaina – 1977)

Mehdi Hasan classic number remains popular because of its unusual lyrics and happy-go-lucky feel

Ishq Sacha Hai (Mehdi Hasan – Kamal Ahmed – Ishq Ishq – 1977)

This evergreen number makes you sad every time you hear it!

Jis Din Se Dekha Hai (Mehdi Hasan – Robin Ghosh – Amber – 1978)

Robin Ghosh and Mehdi Hasan come together to deliver this classic number, inspired heavily from Bobby’s Main Shayar To Nahi

Jungal Main Mangal (A. Nayyar/Mehnaz – M. Ashraf – Zindagi – 1978)

It’s Birthday time for Nadeem and here comes the one song we all sing to celebrate the big day!

Duniya Se Tujhko Chura Loon (Mehdi Hasan – Robin Ghosh – Anmol Mohabbat – 1978)

A gem from the Mehdi Hasan – Robin Ghosh combo that is still popular after nearly 40 years

Acha Acha Lago Ray (A. Nayyar/Nayyara Noor – Robin Ghosh – Bandish – 1980)

The Bandish soundtrack remains one of the best from Nadeem’s filmography and this song is one of the reasons why!

Mera Tujhse Aisa (Ghulam Abbas – M. Ashraf – Qurbani – 1981)

Pervez Malik teamed up with Nadeem in the late 70s and 80s; most of their films had beautiful songs and this one wasn’t different

Chaman Chaman Kali Kali (Akhlaq Ahmed/Nayyara Noor – Robin Ghosh – Aahat – 1982)

This modern song was also used in Awaargi when Nadeem-Shabnam reunited after a few years in the mid-90s!

Tere Bina Jee Sakenge Na Hum (Akhlaq Ahmed – M. Ashraf – Meherbani – 1982)

Bollywood not only copied this song, its setting, its wardrobe but the entire film in order to save Rajesh Khanna’s career – Indian version bombed, the original won!

Aaj Tu Ghair Sahi (Mehdi Hasan – M. Ashraf – Dehleez – 1983)

The film was an adaptation of Wuthering Heights and became a huge hit, thanks to its soundtrack and direction

Hum Ko Kis Kay (Akhlaq Ahmed – M. Ashraf – Basera – 1984)

Nadeem reunited with his first heroine Shabana and delivered many hits till early 90s; this song is one of the many that people remember, still!

Aap Apni Misaal (Akhlaq Ahmed/A. Nayyar/Nahid Akhtar – Amjad Bobby – Lazawal – 1984)

One of the best songs from the 80s, Nadeem and Akhlaq Ahmed combined again to create magic

Aankhon Main Pyar Tera (Akhlaq Ahmed/Nahid Akhtar – M. Ashraf – Faisla – 1986)


This flick became a huge hit despite being inspired from Indian films; Bollywood copied the whole film as Paap Ki Duniya within 2 years

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