In Loving Memory of Amjad Sabri


The Legendry Qawwal, Amjad Sabri was shot dead by unknown gunmen in Karachi yesterday near Liaqatabad. He was the last of Sabri’s, who managed to carve a unique identity across the globe with his voice. In 1970’s, the Sabri family rose to a height of reputation. Amjad brought the legacy of  his late father Ghulam Farid Sabri and uncle Maqbool Ahmed Sabri ahead who dedicated their lives redefining the genre of Qawwali. Sabri’s loss has been felt beyond borders, ideologies and art forms.

Amjad was known for his kindness. He always persuaded people to love their creator and each other. His eccentricity was too much to sink in for his naat, qawwali and manqabat. Amjad Sabri was soaring high in the world of fame with many albums and releases under his belt but all of them were simply revisions of the creative pursuits of Sabri brothers or rehashed versions of famous kalams, traditional raags. He was known to take people into a state of ecstasy.

“Bhar Do Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad
Lout Ker Mein Na Jaoon Ga Khaali
Kuch Nawasoon Ka Sadqa Ata Hoo
Dar Pay Aaya Hoon Bun Ker Sawali”

Amjad may have been silenced but his voice lives in our hearts.

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