LSA 2018: The Amount of Hate on This Picture of Mahira Khan Will Make Your Blood Boil


The star-studded Lux Style Awards 2018 took place last night at Lahore’s Expo Centre. It was a grand affair with celebrities looking the best, bedazzling us with the glamorous avatars, leaving us wondering, how much beauty there’s in Pakistan and how talented our celebrities are.

While the audiences were mesmerized while listening to Sahir Ali Bagga’s hearfelt qawwali,  Frieha Altaf’s #MeinBHi (Me Too) Campaign against sexual harassment and for women’s rights also stood as one of the best highlights of the night. The show was all in all a power-packed affair, emphasizing on what’s important yet entertaining people in the best way possible.

The starlet Mahira Khan not only won big at the awards show by winning the best actress award for Verna but was also among one of the best dressed celebs at the event. At one point she was spotted sitting with the Hamza Ali Abbasi during the show and they both were looking absolutely stunning but for some odd reason the internet cannot stop throwing hate comments on Mahira Khan.

Check out the comments on the pictures.

This hate is not justified! Either people are just jealous of her or there’s too much time that they can spare on the internet throwing hate comments about other people on their pictures.

It’s sad to see how people ignore everything a person does, the hard work, the efforts,  and start commenting on them and their personal lives and especially on how they choose to dress.

I wonder when will people start thinking that its pretty shady of them to talk about other people on social media like this. So before judging other people, let’s focus on who we are and how can we make ourselves better.

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