LSA 2018: Haters Can’t Stop Comparing Iqra Aziz’s Dress to a Bed Sheet


Lux Style Awards has been the most anticipated event of the year. Whether it’s for the celebrities and artists who attend it every year or the fans who cannot wait to turn their television screens on to see which actor and movie won big at the awards. It’s also where many starlets gather together to perform on songs and skits for the amusement of the audience around the world.

The 17th Lux Style Awards 2018, left the viewers in awe because of it being packed with surprising events and suspense throughout. It took place in Lahore and honestly, the venue was both bigger and glamorous as compared to last year.

However, no matter what, the haters on the internet will always find their way into making our favorite stars look bad. Recently, Iqra Aziz’s picture was the subject of ridicule this time because of her dress.

The dress is made by designer Asim Jofa and if you ask me, he succeeded in crafting an absolutely amazing dress for Iqra Aziz and she rocked it!

Here’s what the haters have to say about the look:

Pretty sure she nailed it better though..

There are many who compared the dress to a bed-sheet or curtain…

 Some even compared it to a razai. Somebody donate this person a razai!

Although the advice looks genuine, there is actually a reason why the dress is this long.

Some might not know but the dress is actually held with a hoop skirt underneath which makes it easier to walk.

It’s fashion..?

Dupatta or not, we’re pretty sure that hater would’ve still found a way to ridicule the celebrities.

Totally agree!

Finally someone gets it!

If you missed the event and want to know which celebrity won, we’ve got you covered!

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