Maalik Movie Cleared For Screening In Pakistan


After being banned for being controversial by the Federal Information Industry (FII), Sindh High Court has declared Maalik, the Ashir Azeem production, cleared to be screened in Pakistan on the silver screen.

This decision was taken after Azeem challenged the ban on his movie of being unjust and unfair. While the movie was struggling back and forth whether to be banned or not, it was restricted from being screened anywhere nationwide.

According to FII, the ban implementation was because of an Afghan extremist character who was later on commemorated as a national hero. While Supreme High Court Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, Led by SHC Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, declared that the ban can be removed.

According to reports by Saama, Azeem was delighted by the court’s decision, and that the official screening of the movie will soon be carried out after the distributors meet with the director. Maalik was internationally released on 26th August worldwide, including countries like Canada, UK, Australia, and even the US.

Watch the official trailer of Maalik the movie below:

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