Mahesh Bhatt Forces Fawad Khan To Condemn Terrorism In India


The Bollywood celebrities have been quite vocal regarding terrorism in India. Looks like patriotism is taking over the people on social media. The existing scenario has now led them to speak their heart out. A lot has been said & done ever since the Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association (IMPPA) imposed a ban on Pakistani celebrities.

Salman Khan was the first star to pass a statement in support of the celebrities when he said “Pakistani actors are not terrorists themselves”.

Since then Bollywood icons  like Randeep Hooda, Kangana Ranaut, Ranbir Kapoor & Mahesh Bhatt have started to share their opinions on this matter over the social media.

In a recent interview, Mahesh Bhatt has openly urged the Pakistani celebrities to unlock their silence over this issue. According to Mahesh Bhatt it’s high time that Fawad Khan & others to  mark their presence by speaking up against terrorism in India.

Mahesh Bhatt Forces Fawad Khan To Condemn Terrorism In India

Mahesh Bhatt has always been very open to passing statements on almost anything and everything. Being way too straight-forward in an interview with Goswami on News Hour, Mahesh Bhatt said “Every human being present on this earth needs to take a clear position against terror of any kind and I urge With folded hands & bended knees, I urge Fawad Khan & all actors to take a clear position and condemn terror when it happens on our soil.”

He further added, “That would bridge differences that have suddenly been created in moments like these and so you are absolutely justified by asking them to do this and I do the same.”

The famous director feels that some celebrities are afraid to take a public stance regarding this intense issue. He desperately wants his fellow Pakistani colleagues to take a stand against the brutality of terrorism in India.

Do you agree with Mahesh Bhatt’s statement?

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