Mahira Khan Becomes Internet’s Target Once Again for Her Eye-Catching Appearance


The internet just can’t get enough of Mahira Khan. For some reason or the other she is always trending on social media, sometimes for good and sometimes for not so good reasons!

Mahira is the brand ambassador of Veet and she appeared at last night Miss Veet Pakistan’s grand finale looking drop dead gorgeous. Honestly, she was looking absolutely stunning.

Have a look.

Roll in peace’ #missveet2017

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Now, you know how we generally react to celebrities looking good on the internet? By shaming them! By throwing all the hate comments at them and revealing to people that even though our parents have invested enough amount of money to educate us, we are still hopeless!

Here’s how people have reacted to Mahira’s look.

For some reason people think it is okay to make such remarks publicly!

And the ‘illuminati’ comment!

Astaghfurillah at the comments too!

Salute hai ap ki zehniat ko!!!!

Aur ye janab bari dour ki laye!

This is not the first time Mahira’s been targeted by social media users. She faced quite a backlash when her photos with Ranbir surfaced on social media.

Mahira Khan & Ranbir Kapoor Caught on Camera!

The internet can be brutal at times and specially towards our celebrities. For some reason people these days just don’t want to see beyond their thoughts and imaginations. Don’t know why it is becoming so hard for people, each passing day, to praise people for their work? For how they’ve been making your country proud? For how the raise their voices against various issues?

It’s not hard to not be a crappy person, but you just need to have the will to be nice! Well, the good thing is, this negativity doesn’t effect our celebs and they keep making us proud nationally and internationally!


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