Mahira Khan Named 4th Hottest Asian Woman!


It is a unanimous opinion that Mahira Khan is one of the most breathtaking faces of Pakistan.

Now she has a claim to prove it. Esquire’s list of 7 Most Hot Asian women is out. Forget top 10, our beautiful belle was ranked 4th amidst the other gorgeous women in Asia.

She is also the only Pakistani to be on the list.

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The little snippet published on Esquire’s website says:

Mahira Khan is the highest-paid actress in Pakistan today. She is one of the few Pakistani women who dare to express herself in the middle of Pakistani stereotypes that are often confined to their narrow-minded culture.

Well, looks like Indonesia has a very narrow view of the present state of Pakistan’s entertainment industry. As the last line does not really hold true for our media at least.

Mahira Khan’s #BelieveInYou TVC For Al Karam Lawn Collection 2017

What they did get right was selecting Mahira for their list. Since she certainly makes everyone’s heart skip a beat.

Indian actress Deepika Padukone made it to the top of the list.

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