Mahira Khan Reveals She Is A Big Fan Of Suno Chanda


Ramazan special TV serial and everyone’s favourite Suno Chanda has earned much popularity within a short span of time. Although the serial has come to its end with a happy ending, people just can not stop talking about it.

Some fans just couldn’t deal with the fact that Suno Chanda has ended!

It’s not only us who have fallen in love with the serial, our celebrities have been following this drama as well.

Suno Chanda Season 2 Coming Soon?

The 7 Din Mohabbat In actress Mahira Khan took to her Twitter account and chatted with her fans and followers. She had a short #AskMahira session where she answered the questions of her lovers.

She was also asked by one fan about her favourite drama.

To which she responded: 

Right now? I’ve heard great things about suno chanda.

Mahira Khan was also asked about several other personal questions and we bet people just loved interacting with her.

Suno Chanda was a rom-com TV serial which revolves around two cousins who hate each other but their families have fixed their match without their consent. They eventually fall in love after sometimes and married happily ever after.

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