Mahira Khan & Saba Qamar Bashed on Social Media for Their Dressing at Masala Awards 2017


The spectacular Masala Awards 2017 took place last night in Dubai. The star-studded event was packed with beautiful looking celebs from India and Pakistan. Mahira Khan, Saba Qamar and Mawra Hocane were representing Pakistan at the awards and if that was’t enough to make us proud of our beauties, they also won awards in different categories… yes, all three of them!

Saba Qamar won the award for the Breakthrough Performance of the Year, Mahira Khan bagged the award for the Asian Woman of Substance and Mawra Hocane won it for 2017’s Social Media Sensation.

While media outlets were pushing out congratulatory messages and pictures of our divas from the awards ceremony on different social media platforms, people were busy bashing Mahira and Saba on their dressing.

Here’s how Mahira looked at the event.

Right after having???!

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And that’s how people commented on her pictures.

Now coming to Saba’s look from Masala Awards 2017.

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And that’s how people commented on her.

Now check out the picture of Mawra and the comments on it. This is just to prove that people will comment on no matter what you wear.

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And that’s how people commented on her photo.

The comment of the year wards goes to…


This is not the first time our actresses are being bashed fpr their dressing style. The internet is known for this kind of hate comments on celebrities. Whether it’s Saba Qamar or Mahira Khan or anyone else, people will make sure to criticize them because probably they don’t have anything better to do.

Let’s hope people find better things to do soon. Till then we can only praise how our celebrities deal with this kind of criticism and there’s one thing we can surely learn from them. You know what it is? It is basically how to ignore negativity and how to embrace positivity.

Congrats to these gorgeous ladies for winning big at Masala Awards.