Mahira Khan Totally Owned Donald Trump With Her Badass Reply on His New Year’s Post!


Mahira Khan has been known for her badass-personality and for good reasons! Even when the actress was surrounded by several controversies, she never backed away and faced the world. Mahira has taught us how to be brave and confront when someone’s trying to defame you or drag you away from being awesome.

Mahira Khan has never stopped being amazing and her reply to Donald Trump last night just re-defines her awesomeness. Donald Trump welcomed 2018 by attacking Pakistan on Twitter.

This left a rather bad impression on the people of Pakistan and most people replied with hateful tweets.

However, This particular tweet below made Mahira react.

There could definitely have been a better way to reply to this news, rather than saying this about our beloved home country. Mahira Khan being the bad-ass she is, replied with a few words that shut everyone up instantly.

You go girl! Mahira’s instant glass-breaking reply left a long-lasting impression. Even though Pakistan may be facing some financial problems in the future, we hope that everything works out the right way. We also believe that instead of blaming other countries for terrorism we should work on showing the rest of the world that we truly are a gold-mine of a country. As Mahira Khan said, “Be the best versions of yourself that you can be and let no one stop you from becoming that person.”

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