Mahira Khan And Urwa Hocane Are Friendship Goals


Who said actresses cannot be friends? Just recently Mahira Khan and Urwa Hocane proved that they are truly friendship goals in a recent Twitter exchange.

As we all know both the actresses have some major flicks to be released this year. The date for Mahira Khan’s Verna is soon approaching and the actress needs all the support she can obtain from fans and colleagues of the industry.

Urwa Hocane proved to be quite an amazing friend and publicly praised Mahira for her performance in Verna’s trailer on Twitter , expressing some nice feelings towards the movie itself.

Mahira Khan did not hold back from returning this shout out and being the sweet heart that she is, thanked Urwa and showed admiration for her presence in Rangreza’s trailer.

Either way both these celebrities are Pakistan’s all time favourites and we cannot help but enjoy the amazing chemistry that both of them share.

Needless to say, according to everyone the actresses did a commendable job in their respective films and we cannot hold back our excitement at the thought of the release of these films which will happen very soon.

If you haven’t already seen the trailers here’s a  glimpse of Mahira Khan in Verna.

And here’s Urwa Hocane in Rangreza.

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