Mahira Khan Wants SRK To Do What?


Pakistani actress Mahira Khan recently gave us a nostalgic run on Instagram after she posted a video of herself twirling in a field with ‘sarson kay phool’ on Instagram. She called it her very own version of cheap thrills!

#cheapthrills @bohemiangirl9 what we couldn't do in Raees!

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In a post-release press conference of Raees, Mahira regretted the fact that SRK didn’t spread his arms for her, as he usually does for his female counterparts.

“After I signed ‘Raees’… We were doing a photo shoot. I was told Shah Rukh is here. So, I quickly ran out and it was hi-hello. He told me you will be okay. After some time, I thought that wind would start blowing and there would be leaves falling all around but nothing of that sort happened. Rather, I’m the only heroine he did not spread his arms for.”

In an interview, Mahira called the movie a treat for SRK fans and her fans. She considers the journey of shooting the movie an interesting one but too bad she couldn’t be on the list of actresses who got to be in the arms of Shah Rukh. Maybe she just wasn’t meant for it!

Watch the video below:

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