Mahira Khan’s Cute & Candid Moments Will Make You Love Her Even More


There is no shortage of talent in Pakistan. And one of our favorite talents is the ravishing Mahira Khan.  Mahira Khan is Pakistan’s highest paid actress and has even achieved international fame, appearing in her debut film, Raees, opposite Shahrukh Khan. That’s a feat few can achieve.  Before reaching such heights however,  Mahira appeared in the hugely popular Pakistani television drama series , Humsafar,  opposite Fawad Khan, which led to her becoming a household name almost overnight.  That’s no surprise; this lady is a very talented actress and gorgeous to boot.

And today is her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAHIRA!

We have seen the graceful side of Mahira. After all, she almost always looks poised, elegant and carries herself like the super star that she is. However, we say almost because we have seen her cheekier side too, and today we share it with you.

What are you thinking Mahira? Clearly something has got this gorgeous actress puzzled. And we can only wonder what…

Going on a secret mission, agent Mahira? It seems Mahira is laughing as she tries to shoo the camera away.  We do want to know what’s up with the get up? She looks adorable though. We love that smile!

Mahira Khan making a fish face and not realizing that someone took a picture. We applaud the cameraman and have to say she looks pretty cute and funny.

“You mean me?!” Mahira Khan’s priceless expression when her name was called in the Lux Style Awards.

Mahira caught on camera sticking her tongue out at someone.  Obviously, Mahira is not camera shy and is comfortable being her joyful, lively self in public.  That’s good news for us because we love seeing these snaps where she seems to be having a fun time!

Oh, that’s not all. We found some hilarious chit chat and bloopers that show a side of Mahira we don’t see on tv often.

That was really cute. Mahira was trying to handle the sash which just wouldn’t listen.  Don’t worry Mahira, the ad turned out great!

Mahira interviewing Shoaib Akhtar and we get to see some behind the scene footage. Mahira and Shoaib even compared muscles. Sadly, Mahira is out of shape and even joked that she was told not to bring such soft muscles on the Tv. We love you anyway, Mahira.

A flustered Mahira tries to handle the rapid fire question round from the Indian reporter.  We think she handled the questions wonderfully and came out her jolly, cheerful self while still being diplomatic and courteous to the Indians.

Mahira Khan interviews Fawad Khan and we can see they are great friends as they joke around behind the scenes. These two also have great chemistry on screen. This will forever be our favorite onscreen couple. We love these two!

We hope it was an enjoyable journey seeing a different side of Mahira.
Have an amazing birthday Mahira. Lots of love and well wishes from us to you. We hope you continue climbing the steps to greater success.  Rooting for ya!

Contributed by Sara Tariq