Mahira Khan’s “Raees” Turned Out to be the Most Pirated Movie of 2017


The gorgeous Mahira Khan just can’t seem to stay away from the spotlight for too long. Our superstar always gives us reasons to praise her hard work and impeccable beauty. Not only in Pakistan, Mahira has stunned the audience across the border too when she starred alongside the legend himself, Shahrukh Khan, in Raees.

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This time Mahira has given us another reason to feel proud for her. Mahira Khan’s Raees, has become the most pirated movie of 2017.

We all know that piracy is one of the major issues in the entertainment industry all over the world. The amount of pirated content on the internet is the perfect example of, “THE INTERNET CAN BE A DARK AND DANGEROUS PLACE”.

Have a look at the this! Interestingly, it’s always Indians and Pakistanis to bag the first two spots when it comes to the piracy of Bollywood movies!

But if we look at the positive side, Raees was an absolute success or it wouldn’t have attracted the attention of  “Pirates of the Internet”!

Someone on twitter played with the numbers and blew everyone’s mind!

Even the film makers themselves were not sure how to react to this kind of an achievement!

The “Raees” director shared this news on his twitter account!

In reply, the producer tried to focus on the “Brighter Side” but created a whole new discussion himself!

Only in a matter of time, #Raeesreturns became the top twitter trend in India and people were literally over the moon!

The director again had to step up and clarify their stance!

Well, it would be great if Raees actually a returns!

This is not exactly the best reason but still, we are very happy for Mahira Khan for being a part of this super hit Bollywood movie, that too along side SRK!

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