Mahnoor Baloch’s Latest Pictures Leave Fans In Frenzy


Mahnoor Baloch – the ultimate beauty queen of Pakistan doesn’t usually attend public events but on seldom occasion that she does grace an event, she makes sure all eyes are on her and her alone.

Known for her timeless age-defying beauty, Mahnoor Baloch recently attended Damas Pakistan flagship store launch in Lahore. The 47-year-old looked like a dream girl in a red satin gown and heavy studded jewels.



Her eternal beauty wasn’t lost to Twitteratis who couldn’t help but notice how picture-perfect Mahnoor Looked in every frame.

Even Rehsam couldn’t help herself from enjoying a fan moment with this beauty.

Mahnoor Baloch made her debut in 1993, almost 25 years ago. She is now a grandmother who looks younger than most of us 20 somethings out there. She was last seen romancing Azfar Rahman in Urdu1’s Khoobsurat drama serial.

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